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AGILENT 55AA Atomic Absorption



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Neslab CFT-150 Chiller

Neslab CFT-150 Chiller, Mint, 5c to 35C, inline thermometer LED, 4500 watts, Positive displacement, 21.3 liter reservoir, internal pump, hot gas bypass system eliminates on/off compressor operation

Other items in the same category :
Lauda E200 Circulator Heating with Lauda 019 Bath Lauda E219, works cracked heater housing but works fine
B.Braun Thermomix 1442D Heating Circulator Controller
Brinkmann Lauda RE206 Circulating Bath Refrigeration
Brinkmann Lauda RM6 Refrigerated Chiller Circulator with RMS Controller
Brookfield TC-502D Refrigerated Circulator Brookfield TC502 Refrigerated Circulator Brookfield Viscometer Circulator uised very nice
Circulator, Immersion; Thermo Scientific Haake Model DC10 Haake DC10
Cole Palmer Polystat 12101-00 Refrigerated Circulator
Cole Palmer Polystat Heater Digital Circulator 12107-50
Cole Palmer Polystat Refrigerated Heater Circulator 12101-00
FLUKE 7312 HART 7312 HART SCIENTIFIC 7312 Bath used nice
FTS MAXI COOL Chiller with Neslab Lauda, FTS MAXI COOL Chiller nwith Neslab Lauda
Grant Instruments GD100 Series Grant GD100 Heating Circulator Bath used real nice condition
Haake D1 Heating Circulator Digital NO Bath
Haake DB Heating Circulator Digital NO Bath
Haake DC10 Haake DC-10 Heating Circulator Haake Heating Circulator for baths used
Haake DC3 Heating Circulator Haake DC-3 Heating Circulator SOLD
Haake F3-C Recirculating Heated Chiller Bath Haake F3C Refrigerated Circulator Haake F3-C Refrigerated Circulator
Haake K20 with DC3 Controller Refrigerated Circulator Haake K-20 with DC-3 Controller
Haake Kryostat N8-KT50W Thermo Haake Refrigerated Circulator Low Temperature Thermo Haake Cryostat N8-KT50W large capacity Refrigerated Kryostat used very nice down to -50 °C
Haake Refrigerated Chiller Circulator DC1 K15
Hart Scientific 7320 Compact Temperature Calibration Bath -20°C - 150°C Hart 7320 used very nice
Huber Chiller HUBER IC100-S22 HUBER Large Chiller HUBER IC100S22 used very nice
Huber Ministat 230 Bath air-cooled with with Compatible Control used system
Huber Ministat CC Huber Heater Circulator -25 Celsius to +125 Celsius, Huber MINISTAT a real nice unit for calibrations and research used and very nice, works very fine CFC and HCFC FREE
Huber Unichiller Polystat CC1 Chiller Huber Polystat CC1 Chiller used
Huber UNISTAT 405 Chiller Huber UNISTAT 405 Refrigerated Ultralow Chiller Huber Circulator Chiller used
Huber Unitstat Tango Huber Tango HUBER UNISTAT Refrigerated Chiller
Julabo UC Circulator Heating Only Digital Readout
Julabo Chiller FE500 Cooling Circulator Julabo FE-500 Refrigerated Circulator Julabo FE500 Chiller Julabo FE-500 Chiller used nice tested working
Julabo F25-HE Refrigerated Circulator Julabo Model F25-HE Refrigerated Heating Circulator Julabo Refrigerated Circulator used with Working Temperature range OF -28 Celsius to 200 degree Celsius
Julabo F88 MW Julabo F88-MW Julabo ISL F88 Refrigerated Circulator with small bath and MW series controller, used
Julabo FP-50 Refrigerated Circulator Julabo FP50 Refrigerated Circulator
Julabo FP50-MC Julabo FP-50 with Julabo MC Controller Circulator, Julabo FP50-MC Julabo FP-50 with Julabo MC Controller Refrigerated Circulator
Julabo FP88 with HP Controller Julabo FP-88 HP Ultra-low Refrigerated Circulator
Julabo FP88 with HP Controller Julabo FP-88 HP Ultra-low Refrigerated Circulator
Julabo FT401 IMMERSION COOLER JULABO FT-401 IMMERSION COOLER Julabo Immersion Cooler USED very nice FT401 -40 to +30 analog
Julabo FT402 Immersion Cooler Julabo Immersion Cooler
Julabo FT901 IMMERSION COOLER JULABO FT-901 IMMERSION COOLER Julabo Immersion Cooler USED very nice
Julabo Refrigerated Circulator Heated
Julabo Refrigerated Circulator Julabo FP-50 Refrigerated Circulator with Julabo MW Controller Julabo FP50 Refrigerated Circulator used refurbished
Julabo SP Basis Microprocessor Controller Circulator Heater
Julabo U3/8 Julabo U3 Heating Circulator with no Clamp
Julabo UC Julabo UC Heating Circulator with no Clamp
Koehler K70200 Oxidation Stability Bath for RBOT / Koehler K70200 Oxidation Stability Bath for TFOUT Koehler ASTM Koehler Stability Bath used nice Constant temperature bath rotates oxidation pressure vessels at 100rpm at an angle of 30° in accordance with ASTM specifications. Includes drive system and oil bath with electronic solid state temperature control. Meets ASTM requirements for heat transfer capability and temperature control precision. Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D2112, D2272, D4742; IP 229
Komatsu Yamato CTE-42A COOLNICS CIRCULATOR, Used and Nice - $790 USD
Lauda B Lauda B Circulator B Heat Only
Lauda Brinkmann Circulator Heating M20 MS Controller
Lauda Brinkmann Refrigerated Circulator RMS with RM20 Bath
Lauda C6-CP Lauda C6 CP Lauda C6CP Circulator Programmable High Temperature
Lauda Chiller Lauda WK230 Lauda WK500 Lauda WK1200 Lauda WK2200 Lauda WK3200 Lauda WK4600 Lauda WK7
Lauda E-100 Lauda E100 Circulator E100 Heat Only
Lauda E-200 Lauda E200 Circulator E200 Heat Only
Lauda E-306 Lauda E300 Circulator Heating with Lauda 006 Bath Lauda, excellent like new condition, 230 Volt, 50/60 HTZ Ambient to 200 C 6 Liter Reservoir capacity Programmable for up to 10 time segments Powerful 2250 watt heater
Lauda E-312 Lauda E312 Lauda E300 Circulator Heating with Lauda 012 Bath Lauda, excellent like new condition, 230 Volt, 50/60 HTZ Ambient to 200 C 20 Liter Reservoir capacity Programmable for up to 10 time segments Powerful 2250 watt heater three systems
Lauda E100 Circulator Heating
Lauda E100 Circulator Heating with Lauda 003 Bath Stainless Steel
Lauda E100 Circulator Heating with Lauda 019 Bath Lauda E119
Lauda E100 Circulator Heating woth 006T Clear Acrylic Bath
Lauda IC30 Lauda IC-30Immersion Cooler IC 30
LAUDA Integral XT 750 process thermostat used very nice
Lauda KK7000 Recirculating Chiller LAUDA WK-7000 LAUDA CHILLER used nice
Lauda Model RE120 Lauda RE-120 Brinkmann Circulator Chiller
Lauda MT Immersion Circulator B
Lauda PROLINE RP870 Refrigerated Circulator used if new VWR 77888-274
Lauda RE106 Refrigerated Circulator Chiller with E100 Controller
Lauda RE120 Lauda RE-120 Brinkmann Circulator Chiller
Lauda RM6 with B Controller Circulator Chiller Lauda RM-6 Refrigerated Circulator
Lauda RP890C Lauda LCK 8898 available now used
Lauda T4600 Lauda Brinkmann T 4600 LAUDA T 4600 INTEGRAL THERMOSTAT Fisher Scientific NC0546704 Fisher 50 931 292 Fisher Scientific 50-931-292 like new condition
Munters Dehumidifier HC-150 Munters HC150 Munters HC-150 Dehumidifier used nice
Neslab CFT-150 Chiller
Neslab Coolflow CFT-150 Neslab CFT-150 Refrigerated Circulator Neslab Chiller
Neslab RTE 111 Neslab RTE-111 Chiller Refrigerated Circulator Microprocessor Control, Neslab RTE 111 Neslab RTE-111 Chiller Refrigerated Circulator Microprocessor Control
Neslab RTE-100 Refrigerated Circulator Neslab RTE-100 Chiller
Neslab RTE-140 MP RTE-140MP Refrigerated Circulator Chiller
Perkin Elemer Intercooler VLT-100 2P Cooling Unit Perkin Elmer VLT100 Intercooler 2P Cooling Unit used nice
Pharmacia Multitemp III Refrigerated Circulator
Polyscience 9501 VWR 1156 Refrigerated Circulator
POLYSCIENCE LS51MX1A110C LS-51 Compact Chiller Polyscience LS-51 Chiller used nice
test ag
Thermo / Haake C50 Refrigerated Water Bath with F8 Digital Controller
Thermo Forma 2067 Refrigerated Circulator
Thermo Haake DC50-K75 Refrigerated Circulator Thermp Haake K75-DC50 Thermo Haake Refrigerated heating Circulator used like new condition barely used
Thermo Merlin Neslab M150 Chiller Merlin M-150 Merlin M150 Recirculating Chiller
Thermo Neslab HX150 Thermo Neslab HX-150 Process Chiller Thermo Neslab HX +150W
Thermo Neslab Merlin M25 Thermo Merlin M-25 Neslab Merlin M25 Chiller Cole Palmer EW-13401-52
Thermo Neslab Merlin Series M33 Recirculating Chiller Merlin M33 Merlin M-33 Themo M33 Thermo M-33 used tested working nice
Thermo Neslab RTE 221 Thermo Neslab RTE-221 Refrigerated Circulators Microprocessor
Thermo Scientific Haake Model DC10 Haake DC 10
Van-Kel VK-6 Vankel VK6 Heating Circulator
Vankel VK-7 Vankel Type 001-5811 Heating Circulator
VWR 1122 Polyscience 1122 Heating Circulator
VWR 1135 Heater Circulator Small ships tested and working $ 290-USD
VWR 1140 Refrigerated Circulator
VWR 1147 Refrigerated Heated Circulating Water Bath ships used tested working warranted LOW PROFILE
VWR 1147P Refrigerated Circulator Polyscience 1147P Low Profile VWR Programmable Refrigerated Chiller used nice
VWR 1180-S VWR Heated/Refrigerated Circulating Water Bath VWR 1180S
VWR 1187P Refrigerated Circulator VWR 13271-130 Refrigerated Circulator used
VWR AP7L VWR 89202-976 Refrigerated Circulator 7L Space-Saving Refrigerated Circulator with Advanced Programmable Controller used


1. EXPERIENCED-We have been building labs, equipping labs, and supplying lab equipment parts and service for over 20 years. With over 100 years of combined lab equipment experience at our site and working with many experienced technicians, we try to offer the right equipment at the right price for you, our partner.

2. SAVE MONEY- We sell, lease, and rent - You save money, 5-70% off original retail, so you get great equipment at a great price.

3. WARRANTY -We offer a warranty on our refurbished equipment and new manufacturer warranty on new equipment.

4. SERVICE- We offer instrument service, refurbishment validations, and calibrations at great rates and skill levels.

5. INSTRUMENT PARTS- We sell new instrument parts and new equipment parts and hard to find used older parts

6. UNIQUE- We are an independent dealer and also sell used instruments, such as AA, FTIR, GC, GC/MS, HPLC, LC/MS, ICP, ICP/MS, Particle Size Analysis, UV/VIS, and UV/VIS/NIR. This equipment is manufactured by companies like Agilent, Hewlett Packard, Waters, Hitachi, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Beckman, and more. WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THESE COMPANIES IN ANY WAY!

7. BUILD LABS- We well discounted made in USA Lab Casework, Fume hoods, Blowers, Safety Cabinets, and Clean Benches.

8. CASH PAID-Top dollar paid, and you can sell your excess, obsolete, surplus equipment with us. We can buy it or sell on consignment.

9. DIVERSIFIED-We sell a very broad line of new and used Lab Equipment. See our detailed listing above.


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