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Thermo Forma 3950 CO2 Incubator 29.0 cu. ft.

CO2 Incubators >> Thermo Forma 3950 CO2 Incubator 29.0 cu. ft.

Thermo Forma 3950 CO2 Incubator 29.0 cu. ft. (821.2 liters) Thermo Scientific Forma Reach-In CO2 Incubator with shelves not shown in photo!- Refurbished

Swivel, locking casters ensure easy mobility for installation and cleaning. Leveling feet provide stability for added safety in the lab.
Heated triple-pane glass door minimizes condensation and permits a clear view of your product.

Standard remote alarm contacts and available data outputs allow connection to an in-house monitor/alarm system to track chamber conditions, helping you meet internal and regulatory documentation requirements.

Two thru-wall access ports (one on right and left sidewalls) make it possible to add probes, sensors, power cords, etc. without altering the cabinet.
Interior and exterior accessory receptacles provide a convenient power source.

Interior GFCI duplex receptacle on the 115V Model 3950
eliminating the inconvenience of an extra external power strip.

Exterior receptacle, located on the upper right side of the control panel, is available for connecting an optional recorder or other equipment.

Heavy-duty, solid stainless steel shelves are easy to clean, saving time and effort; more corrosion resistant than coated wire shelves for long life; and adjustable on 2.0" (5.1cm) centers for convenience.

Additional reinforced shelving systems are available for increasing shelf load and maximizing stability when used with heavy product load or equipment, such as our Thermo Scientific Forma orbital shakers.
Stainless steel interior

Barnstead Labline CO2 Incubator Mini

BARNSTEAD LAB-LINE lli CO2 INCUBATOR THERMO SCIENTIFIC LABLINE IIi CO2 Incubator Barnstead IIi CO2 Incubator, Water Jacketed, CO2 Incubator used very nice

Benchmark Scientific myTemp Mini CO2 H2300

Binder Model CB150 CO2 Incubator # 000027

Binder Model CB210 CO2 Incubator # 000028

Fisher Scientific ISOTEMP Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator Fisher 11-730-9 CO2 Incubator with Thermla Conductivity Sensor 5.8 cu. ft. EACH CHAMBER Side by side dual CO2 ISOTEMP system Ver nice condition CO2 Incubator like mint condition Thermal Conductivity

Forma 3110 CO2 Incubator Mint 000596

Forma 3120 CO2 Incubator

Forma 3130 CO2 HEPA Incubator

Forma 3956 Automatic CO2 Incubator 000141

Forma Sterilcult 200 CO2 Incubator

Napco Precision 5120-1064 CO2 Incubator Precision 5120-1064 Napco 5400 Series CO2 Incubator used nice Infrared Sensor

New Brunswick Galaxy CO2 Incubator New Brunswick CO170S CO2 Incubator used nice

Revco Ultima RCO0300T7ABB CO2 Incubator Ultima CO2 Incubator

Stainless Motors Inc PA2CO2N0481TODY Washdown Stainless Motors Inc. Pharmaceutical Processing Stainless Steel Wash-down Duty Master Mixer with Stand with Inverter controller for speed control and up/down control

T I N A Transcutaneous CO2 / O2 Monitoring System

Thermo Electron Revco Elite Series CO2 Incubator Revco RCO5000D-5-ABC

Thermo Forma 310 Thermo 310 Thermo Forma Direct Heat CO2 Incubator Model 310 used

Thermo Forma 3130 CO2 Incubator Thermo 3130 CO2 Incubator used nice

Thermo Forma 3950 CO2 Incubator 29.0 cu. ft.

VWR 2310 MINI CO2 Incubator

VWR 2350T CO2 Incubator VWR CO2 Incubator

VWR 2425 2400 Series 6.7 cu.ft. CO2 Incubator

VWR 2475 CO2 Incubator VWR CO2 Incubator used nice- single system


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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